Coal hole plate made in Southwark

Lost Industries of Southwark Education Resources

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Businesses in Bermondsey Street


(from the Post Office Directory of London in 1866/7) Nos 1 - 100

1 Banister, Thomas, coffee rooms
4. Hart, Thomas, writer on glass
5 O’Connor, James, licensed carman
6 Russell, Richard, plumber
7 Land, Joseph, trunk maker
8 Ames, John, grocer
9 Bennett, Benjamin, tobacconist
12 Chapman, George, beer retailer
16 Edwards, John, greengrocer
18 Lewis, Enoch, dairyman
19 Powles, John, beer retailer
33 Joseph Edward, outfitter
34 Wake John, baker
35 Homer, Jacob, butcher
38 &39 Hoare, George, bootmaker
40 Bass, George, butcher
43&46 McRae, James & John, tanners
43 O’Reardon, Daniel, hide and skin merchant
45 Harradine, William, dealer in marine stores
46 McRae, Robert, leather dresser
47 Police Station
49 Green Dragon, job dolling
51 King William, Currier
53 Barber, William and sons, horse slaughterers
54 Black Swan, James Ryan
---Wilson, Henry, hide and skin broker
---Tomlin, William, leather manufacturer
---Cundall, Thomas. Morocco leather
---Burk, Joseph, coach Currier
---Whichelow, Thomas, Spanish leather
55 Burton, Edgar, corn dealer
56 Ive Mrs. Susannah, earthenware dealer
57 Joseph, Francis, butcher
61 Todhunter and Blackmore, leather and hide factors
62 Hollings, Mrs. Catherine, bootmaker

63 Wilson, Henry, newsagent
64 Whelan, James baker
65 Gramolt, Thomas, Currier and leather seller
66 Hall, Charles, ropemaker
67 Allen, Charles, clothier
67A Judson, Daniel and sons, dye manufacturers
68 Yorkshire Grey, Frederick Johnson
68 Smith, Edward and Walter, bakers
71 Henderson, William, cheesemonger
72 Messer, William john, butcher
73 Grose, Frederick, pawnbroker
74 Mudie, William, junior, baker
75 Thompson, Peter, oilman
76 Miller, Alfred John, Tailor
77 Wade, Robert Bates, bootmaker
78 Feaks Mrs. Mary Ann, staymaker
79 Leen, John, coffee rooms
80 Dalton, Thomas, tobacconist
81 Lamont, George, hairdresser
83 Steinhauer, David, window glass cutter
83 Court, William, tinplate worker
85 Oxley, Phillip, greengrocer
86 Witt, William, beer retailer
87 Cockle, Benjamin, wire worker
89 Jackson, Edward, woolstapler
93 Weeks, John William, wool merchant
94 Hawes, Henry, fell monger
95 Miller, William, cabinet maker
96 Clewley, Alfred, watchmaker
97 Old Bunch of Grapes, Charles Bridger
98 Bell, James, leather cutter
99 Bermondsey Working Men’s Institute
and Reading Room, Richard Fawcett,
honorary secretary.
100 Prince, William Henry, Isaac Kendal

(from the Post Office Directory of London in 1866/7) Nos 101 - 200

101 Hollingsworth, Charles, butcher
102 & 136 Christy and Co, hat and cap manufacturers
103 Blue Anchor and Eight Bells Mrs. A. Saunders
104 Hayter, George William and Co, paper dealers
105 Brockwell, William, size manufacturer
105 Cornwell, Samuel, carpenter
106 Fox and Goose, William Brockwell
109 Byford, Joseph, greengrocer
111 Hewett, Benjamin, hairdresser
112 Charlton, William, brush maker
113 Parker, Thomas, tailor
114 Tugwell, Rev. Lewen, M.A.
(Rectory House)St. Mary Magdalene Church
117 Pufssord, Frederick James, cheesemonger
118 Gorden, Joseph, grocer
119 Stidolph Mrs. Mary, confectioner
120 Tucker, Richard Hoskin, general salesman
121 Richards, James, grocer
122 Jillings, John, haberdasher
123 Moore, George Henry, baker
124 King’s Arms and Hand, Thomas Black
125 and 126 Austin, H& Co. manufacturing chemists
126 Spence, Daniel, Carman
128 Fauntleroy, Charles Sidney, woolstapler
129 Elworthy, Thomas, oil and Italian warehouse
132 Phillips, Benjamin, junior, undertaker
132 Phillips, Benjamin, senior, parish clerk
133 Broad, George and sons, woolstaplers
134 Nash, James, chairmaker
136 and 102 Christy and Co, hat and cap manufacturers
137 to 140 Adams and Hillstead, pawnbrokers
141 Philcox, Henry, pastrycook
142 Taylor, John, capmaker
144 Laffan, Robert, boot and shoe maker
149 Eldridge, William, tailor
150 Gale, Joseph, architect and surveyor
151 Drew and Wilkinson, solicitors,
Olney, William, fellmonger (Lamb alley)
152 Billings, Edward and Son, printers etc.
153 Horne, James, hatter
154 Hubbard, John, corn dealer

155 Hornsey, George, carver and gilder
156 Marshall, Joseph William, surgeon
157 Aspenion, Thomas, beer retailer
158 Ettwell, Thomas, greengrocer
159 Wootton, John, pastrycook
160 Bendy, Henry, senior, oil and colour man
161 Prentis, Charles, pork butcher
163 Herron, George Robert, wool stapler
164 Hardwick, John, tobacco manufacturer
165 Ritchie and Durward, grocers
166 Beckwith, Joseph, coffee house
167 Queen’s Head, William Bennett
168 Hall, Adam, greengrocer
169 Parker and Phillips, surgeons
170 Crosby Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, pork butcher
Feltoe, Richard Henry, grocer
171 Post Office Receiving House
(and Money Order Office)
172 Hicks, Jonas, hat manufacturer
173 Berry, Thomas Ellis, coffee rooms
174 Woolpack, Thomas Avery
175 Bennett, William, cooper
176 Clayton, Charles, musical instrument maker
177 White, Andrew, baker
178 Smerdon, Richard, haberdasher
179 Saunders, William Henry, looking glass maker
180 Plough, William Sealy
184 Milne, George, stationer and printer
185 & 186 East and Son, morocco dressers
187 Moloy, Dennis, shoemaker
188 Abbott, Zachariah, corn chandler
189 Roberts, David, carman
190 Holmes, William Joshua, hairdresser
191 Watson, John and Co, window glass makers
192 Legg, Cyrus, esq.
193 Best and Holden, engineers
194 Milnes, James, bedding manufacturer
196 Porter, Samuel, watchmaker
197 Holme, Sewell and Co, distillers etc.
198 Legg, Thomas and Son, woolstaplers


(from the Post Office Directory of London in 1866/7) Nos 200 onwards

200 Maginnes, John, junior, skin merchant
204 Baer, Louis, skin merchant
205 Groombridge, Alexander, miscellaneous dealer
207 Boulden, Albert, bootmaker
208 Millard, Alfred, grocer
209 Boosey, Henry baker
229 O’ Shea, Philip, egg merchant and carman
230 Green, Abraham, chandler’s shop
231 Smith, Rosser, corn dealer
233 Simpson, Richard Adam, rag merchant
234 Stone, Thomas, marine store dealer
235 Tobin, Patrick, cheesemonger
239 Shipwright’s Arms, Edmund T. Moore


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