Coal hole plate made in Southwark

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Worksheet 12 - Using Document 12

Glass Making


1. Try to think of as many uses for glass as you can, both modern and from before modern times.

2. What other industries or trades was glass-making associated with? (For example, rope-making was associated with shipbuilding, as rope was used to make the rigging of a sailing ship.)

3. Design two pieces of glassware of your own, in one of the styles shown, and label it with what it could be used for.

4. When you have finished an item of food or drink in a glass bottle, such as jam, honey or some kinds of fruit drink, would you rather throw it away or recycle it? Give the reasons for your choice.

5. Find some illustrations of stained glass in a book on medieval art or from the Internet. With the help of an art or craft teacher, design and make a piece of 'stained glass'. You can use coloured tissue paper, coloured sweet wrappers or Perspex. Stained glass makers used to paint details, like faces or flowers onto the pieces of coloured glass. The colours used were often rich reds, greens and blues.



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