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Worksheet 10 - Using Document 10

Working Lads


Read the extracts from Mayhew’s London Document 10

1.Write your own imaginary interview between Henry Mayhew and your own imaginary crossing sweeper boy or girl

2.If you were trying to write a book about badly-paid or dangerous work in the present day, where would you go to interview the people?

3.Find Millwall and Limehouse on a map of London. Look across to the south side of the river and find places in Southwark where you think the mudlarks might have worked.

4.Write a story or a poem about the lives of the mudlarks, using information from the Mayhew interview and information/place names from the map.

5.Draw either a picture of mudlarks working on the banks of the Thames,

6. or a crossing sweeper plying his or her trade in the city streets. Mayhew says that he met one female crossing sweeper.

7.Imagine you are a crossing sweeper boy or girl being interviewed by Henry Mayhew. What kind of questions will he ask you? Will you answer him truthfully, or is there any reason to lie? Do you think he will pay you for answering his questions and being written about in his book?


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