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Worksheet 5 Using Document Hay's Wharf

Southwark Wharves



Worksheet 5: Southwark wharves, places served, vessels and captains, 1832

1.Look at where the ships are going to and returning from. What kinds of cargoes do you think they might have carried? If you look carefully, you will see one cargo mentioned by name.

2.Look at the names of the ships. What or who were ships named after? What do think that some of the names mean?

3.Using an atlas, mark the places mentioned in Document 5 on Map 3.

4.Look at all the names of the captains. What do most of them have in common? Can you find the odd one out? Do you think that some of the names mentioned might be the owners of the ships?

5.Find an illustration of a19th century ship. Invent your own ship, name it, decide where it is going to sail and what cargo it is going to carry. Now draw your ship, showing yourself standing on deck.



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