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Maps of the Lost Industries

  map of Southwark 1832 Albion Mills,Blackfriars, click for image of mills on fire St Thomas Hospital Guys' Hospital click to see picture W May Hopfactors, to see picture click here George Inn, click here to enlarge Hop Exchange, click here to see picture Barclays Brewery, click to expand Marshelsea Prison Haywards, Coal covers made in Union St, click for enlargement Leatherworking in Bermondsey, click for more Hay's Gallerie, click to enlarge Kirkaldy Testing Machines. click for more details John Rennie's Engineering works - image  of Nancy's Steps, London bridge built by John Rennie London's first Railway - London Greenwich , click for  more Blackfriars Map - click here to expand Bankside area map, click here to see larger view. Bermondsey detail 1894, click for larger view Guys Area  1872, click for larger view London Bridge area  1872, click for larger view Brunel Engine House for the World's first Under-river Tunnel Ropemakers of Rotherhithe, click here for another image  

Detail from 'Environs of London 1832'

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Bermondsey Blackfriars Bankside Guys LondonBridge1 LondonBridge2 Southwark 1542

As the project develops further maps will be loaded providing details of the industries in the area.

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To find out more on Southwark visit the SOUTHWARK LOCAL STUDIES LIBRARY
& buy the excellent book by Leonard Riley entitled 'Southwark - an illustrated guide.'

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