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Project Details


The Project was funded by Unltd to help raise awareness of industrial heritage of Southwark.

Below are the original aims of the project


The mission of the project is to create a lasting memorial/celebration of the Lost Industries of Southwark and an understanding of industrial change.

It is hoped that it will help prevent the piecemeal destruction of what is a priceless piece of our industrial heritage and we hope it will encourage people to get fitter by walking around to see what wonders are left!

The intended outputs are:

1.Educational Resources to be distributed to local schools.
2.A walk marked with plaques marking the sites of the lost
3.A series of events, a conference, lectures and walks etc

The resources will be made available both in hard copy and on a web site so that the longevity of the project is not restricted to the life oa particular print run.

Click here to find out what the industries are:




Photo of Bermondsey Wire Works factory with sign painting still visible on wall

Image by students of Central St. Martin's College of Art and Design Feb 2004

The area covered by the project is Historic Southwark from Blackfriar's Bridge to Rotherhithe.


Further Project Details

The project is in two phases.


Phase 1 - supported by Unltd

Aim: To set the project up and provide access to the research to the public.

Phase 1 outputs as achieved:

1.Educational Resources available to local schools.
2.Series of Guided Walks organised for the public
3.Web site available to the public from which the above can be download.

Phase 2 in development

Aim: to create a permanent celebration of the Lost Indsutries of Southwark and a proper historic landscape characterisation project..

4.A walk marked with plagues marking the sites of the lost industries
5.A series of exhibitions, events, a conference, lectures and walks.

Project Documentation

Original Project Description

Business Plan

UnLtd grant application

Ideas for Phase 2

Industries Maps Join Us!


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The Lost Industry of Southwark Project is supported by:

the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs

Project Director- Kevin Flude

Email Kevin Flude. Cultural Heritage Resources

To find out more on Southwark visit the SOUTHWARK LOCAL STUDIES LIBRARY
& buy the excellent book by Leonard Riley entitled 'Southwark - an illustrated guide.'

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